May 21, 2020

0052: Watchalong with GoldenEye

Join us as we watch 1995's GoldenEye together as a group experience.

For this episode, don your Brioni suit, grab a sandwich (not that one!), and cue up your copy of GoldenEye as the panel chats over the film in real-time with observations, trivia, insights, and irreverence. Along the way, we discover the first CGI bullet, hanging crosses, goons with PPKS, the origins of Pain Face, a world-saving pole, and Boris' lack of two-factor authentication.

The recording took place on May 15th, 2020 in the USA, UK, and Spain.

James Page is a co-founder of and the magazine MI6 Confidential

David Leigh runs

Calvin Dyson Reviews Bond channel can be enjoyed at

Lisa Funnell (@DrLisaFunnell) is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Ben Williams writes for and MI6 Confidential

Bill Koenig runs the Spy Command at

This podcast is copyright Pretitles LLC © 2020

Music credit 'Spy & Die' by Jay Man

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