December 5, 2020

0071: Watchalong with Goldfinger

Join us as we watch 1964's Goldfinger together as a group experience. 

Is the iconic film still the gold standard or are parts of it due for smelting down? Along the way, we discover Oddjob's bad fridge habits, effective grannies, why Gillette's not the best a man can get, nerve gas sponsorships, deckchairs for nuke watching, a suspicious Walgreens photo order, questions from insurance agents, the legacy of a serial number, and how Gary Marshall IS in Goldfinger despite Bill's insistence to the contrary.

* The audio quality is not up to our usual standard for this episode. Unfortunately, there were several production and technical hitches that plagued the post process and caused an untimely delay to release, but we wanted to keep the order of the episodes intact.

The recording took place on September 4th, 2020 in the USA, UK, and Spain. 

James Page is a co-founder of and the magazine MI6 Confidential

Calvin Dyson Reviews Bond channel can be enjoyed at

Lisa Funnell (@DrLisaFunnell) is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma

Ben Williams writes for and MI6 Confidential

Bill Koenig runs the Spy Command at

Phil Nobile Jr is editor of Fangoria and shares his expertise at @PhilNobileJr

David Leigh runs

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