February 19, 2021

0082: Art of Bond: From Russia With Love II

What tone and iconography did 'From Russia With Love' set for Bond marketing? 

The panel reviews the original UK quad poster and bring to the table some other posters used to promote the 1963 film, many of which riff on the original artwork by Renato Fratini. Along the way, they discover misplaced weaponry, the size of Pierce’s silencer, visits to the ‘talkies’, Ben’s new glasses, the multi-Bond theory, prosthetic masks, the wrong Casino Royale, film fonts from the early noughts, Red Grant’s poor job satisfaction, Connery’s Lego haircut, fake legs, font crimes, and greengrocers in the ‘90s. 

UK Quad: http://assets.mi6-hq.com/images/news/frwl-poster1.jpg 
Sean's pick: http://assets.mi6-hq.com/images/news/frwl-poster2.jpg  
David's pick: http://assets.mi6-hq.com/images/news/frwl-poster3.jpg 
Ben's pick: http://assets.mi6-hq.com/images/news/frwl-poster4.jpg 
Peter's pick: http://assets.mi6-hq.com/images/news/frwl-poster5.jpg 

The recording took place on February 12th, 2021 in New Zealand, UK, Germany, and Spain. 

Paul Atkinson is a co-founder of MI6-HQ.com and the magazine MI6 Confidential 

Peter Lorenz runs the Illustrated 007 blog 

Sean Longmore shares his artwork @ThatTallGinger  

David Leigh runs thejamesbonddossier.com 

Ben Williams writes for MI6-HQ.com and MI6 Confidential 

This podcast is copyright Pretitles LLC © 2021 

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