January 17, 2022

0115: Licence To Tweak

What changes or different decisions could have been instrumental in improving Licence To Kill's success back in 1989?

Now undergoing a bit of a renaissance as James Bond fans rediscover Timothy Dalton's harder-edged 007, what could have been done differently back in 1989 to give Licence To Kill a better shot a box-office success? What if... The budget hadn't been a limitation? The aesthetic was popular with US audiences? First choices for cast had accepted? Della didn't die? MGM hadn't screwed up the marketing campaign? Our panel ponders these questions and more. You can now email the show at contact@jamesbondandfriends.com 

The recording took place on December 10th, 2021 in the USA and UK.

James Page is a co-founder of MI6-HQ.com and the magazine MI6 Confidential 

Phil Nobile Jr is editor of Fangoria and shares his expertise at @PhilNobileJr 

Lisa Funnell (@DrLisaFunnell) is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma 

Ben Williams writes for MI6-HQ.com and MI6 Confidential 

Sean Longmore shares his artwork @ThatTallGinger 

Many thanks to John Glen. 

This podcast is copyright Pretitles LLC © 2022 

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